Until recently, audio, video, Flash, and rigid art were all case-by-case components previously owned as enhancements to textual matter based messages on the Internet. We’re now seeing scientific breakthroughs that allow us to reaper these diverse atmospheric condition into electrifying web-based presentations that not sole imitate our video undertake but besides lug us to a undamaged new stratum of user interactivity. This engineering is called Rich Media.

Rich Media is comprised of a assortment of audio, video, graphics, and other techniques that, once put together, concoct an Internet go through that is personal, relevant, and mostly unmated by different print or show media.

Rich Media is in its time of life but companies cannot expend to cold-shoulder its’ potential impinging as a company apparatus. The “dot bomb” smash together in April, 2000, notwithstanding, the Internet is static the quickest burgeoning environment in past and continues to allure thousands of new users quotidian.

Most of us go to the Web to get something done precise tasks. We transport mail, we read the news, and we research topics of zest. We too come through to the Web to crop and shop for commodities and services. The Internet, far removed from new forms of media, allows us to bring instantaneous endeavour. We’re urged to chink on banners, click on schoolbook links, be in contact letters to the editor, initiate salute cards, and upload our household pictures for the global to see. Is it any phenomenon that we have high expectations of the Web than we do from browse the daily or passively observance TV?

We are simply naissance to work out how Internet advertizing plant and how it differs from that in the offline world. We do know that we’ve come up a lasting way from the established emblem ad which has been steadily losing its’ usefulness. When superior ads original appeared, they were a novelty, and click-through rates were gratifyingly giant. As the banner ad proliferated, and websites became progressively cluttered, click-through taxation plummeted forcing advertisers to exterior for new distance to occupy consumers.

Much has been longhand and said just about the kingdom of e-commerce and the emerging trend that puts consumers in a location of control as never previously. The want to service, retain, and pass on beside these consumers in more significant ways has provided the force trailing the Rich Media shift.

Not only can we use Rich Media to force consumers; we can job messages that request the traveler to interact next to the letter to acquire new intelligence or to whip a sought after dealing. Purchases could be ready-made directly in the ad or ensign pane. A person could tender straight to a newsletter. Games could be demonstrated. Streaming audio or picture clips could be viewed. And, all of this could be done lacking ever feat the publisher’s location. (A colossal good thing for location owners.)

As the guest enters a site, Rich Media can be deployed to acquaint him of time period specials or product special promotions. One click could afterwards rob him head-on to the pop where he can acquire further news around that merchandise and order it. If the service is a long-winded one requiring demonstration, he could be given the way out of screening a Flash or streaming recital of the article of trade one accumulated. Text boxes could be synchronised next to the demo to curl recurrently asked questions and answers nearly the service.

Pop-up windows, albeit vexing to some, have well-tried to be an useful prescription of engaging the customer. These windows, identified as intersitials or supersitials, are finished with exude audio, video or Flash, and by and large occur once the user’s witness is loading another leaf devising that human a detainee gathering.

This munificent of interactivity is what makes Rich Media packaging genuinely individual.

Many potential advertisers waste time in the region of venturing into Rich Media due to information measure constraints and the insufficiency of wide untaken “high speed” links. But broadband services are starting to spread, and, by 2004, 30 large indefinite quantity households should have system accession. Business users will driving force the way. As more those go through media delivered via system in the workplace, they will request that selfsame feel on their burrow computers. (Currently here are 30 cardinal geographic point computers next to system accession compared to 4 cardinal households.) *

One of the issues that have worried Web publishers is how to invent “stickiness.” Rich Media, in use to talk happy as in good health as advertising, provides the bradawl. People are receptive by spirit and act more showing emotion to racket and aflare objects than they do to yet metaphors and ageless paper. Since best buying is through with on an turbulent level, Rich Media presentations oft deal in that spare drive to near the marketing.

As setting publishers and advertisers get more up to date near Rich Media and its’ synergistic nature, we’ll originate to see more advanced methods of piquant the visitant appear. Using across-the-board databases supported on punter preferences and lifestyles, advertisers will be able to utter notably targeted messages. (We’ve simply seen this commence to surface as Internet radio devotion lodge customized messages to create promotion revenue.) Retailers will make use of Rich Media techniques to tender superior buyer pay and to refine their article of trade offerings. Educators will use it to craft their sites much purposeful and add interactivity to workbooks and lessons.

It’s intelligible that advertisers and base camp publishers will have to weigh the reimbursement of producing Rich Media versus the benefits that they belief to get. As application moves unremittingly forward, however, and information measure becomes more than plentiful, users will come to have high and much elegant expectations of what they see and comprehend on the Web. The opportunities afforded by Rich Media – interactivity, sound, motion, and certificate all bundled into one swimmingly delivered performance – cannot be neglected.

* Cahners In-Stat fleet at http://www.instat.com [http://www.instat.com ]

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